Platform benefits and uniqueness


The best coaches

Rating system allows users to find the most relevant and affordable trainers


Detailed statistics

App keeps tracking all necessary data from your workouts and wearables to increase program efficiency


High happiness

Doing fitness exercises becomes easy and interesting, making your trainings the best time of the day

TrainWith.Pro is :

A unified platform expanding your true potential through exercises and proper nutrition

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How clients use platform


Step one
  • You search relevant trainers with optimal parameters
  • Or buy a ready fitness plan for your task
  • Or sign-up for the coming online fitness marathon


Step two
  • Install “Personal fitness assistant” app
  • Do trainings in gym and measurements, watch educational videos
  • Chat with the group and the coach, meet new friends


Step three
  • Your coach corrects your program based on performance and feedback
  • You see progress and make individual assessments
  • Connect new sources of data to get better recommendations
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Various options to start training


With trainer

More than 1000 active trainers are on the platform from 60 cities in CIS

Find trainer

With a plan

More than 100 prepared plans are on the platform for various fitness goals

Find plan

Take park
in a marathon

More than 10 marathons are on the platform monthly

Find marathon

«Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body».

Arnold Schwarzenegger

To personal trainers

We help you build up your client base
increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction

To clubs / studios

Service helps clubs to increase average income per customer
business profitability and overall sales of additional products.
Build up your prospective clients base!

TrainWith.Pro functionality

  • Fitness goal driven coach search
  • Performance and results monitoring
  • Interactive fitness calendar to track activities
  • Apps and wearables sync
  • Program adaptation on personal specifics
  • Macro and micro cycles optimization
  • Access to additional professional services
  • Overtraining identification and management
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