Improving health and happiness is possible

Only in Russia companies lose 100 million dollars yearly on paid days off due to illness and decreased productivity.

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TrainWith.Pro capabilities for the corporate fitness

  • Improve

  • Higher employee

  • Better health and
    lower stress level

  • Positive informal

TrainWith.Pro is :

A unified platform expanding true potential of your employees through physical activities and proper nutrition

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How company uses platform


Step one
  • Depending on subscription plan company gets high level coach on board
  • Accounts are opened automatically
  • Employees get individual fitness program and diet plan on the app


Step two
  • Employees install branded “Personal fitness assistant” app
  • They do trainings in gym, measurements, watch educational videos
  • They also meet and compete with colleagues, chat with the group, and the coach


Step three
  • The coach corrects programs based on performance and feedback
  • The trainer sees employee progress and make individual assessments
  • New sources of data are connected over time to make recommendations more specific
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Subscription Plans


  • Up to 50 fitness plans
  • Up to 100 employees
  • Additional services
  • Groups
$169per month Choose plan


  • Unlimited plans
  • Up to 300 employees
  • Access to 1 coach
  • Marathons
$340per month Choose plan


  • Nutrition package
  • Up to 500 employees
  • Access to 3 coaches
  • Direct consulting
$830per month Choose plan

TrainWith.Pro functionality for companies

  • Employee fitness level assessment
  • Joint achievement of a single goal
  • Day to day access to the coach
  • E-mails and announcements automation
  • Tracking health metrics over time
  • Launching group fitness marathons
  • Access to additional professional services
  • Recommendations on program implementation

To personal trainers

We help you build up your client base
increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction

To clubs / studios

Service helps clubs to increase average income per customer
business profitability and overall sales of additional products.
Build up your prospective clients base!

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