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Мужская программа тренировок для новичков на 4 недели. Поможет сбросить лишние калории, придаст вам много сил, выносливости, настроения, заряд бодрости.

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  • Access to the training group
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Workout examples

Workout 1 - Basic period / Regular

Fat Burn Energy for Men: Грудь, Спина, Пресс

  • rest 50 sec

Workout 2 - Basic period / Regular

Fat Burn Energy for Men: HIIT

  • rest 50 sec

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How to train according the programm

Registration and payment

Choose the appropriate plan based on complexity and goal. You can clarify the details with the coach directly or at the technical forum

Activate the program

In the "Ready plans" section, activate this plan from a certain date to add to the calendar. Workouts can be postponed by day and difficulty can be adjusted up to the desired level

Start training

Perform the necessary warm-up and complete all the exercises, following the instructions in the special application of the fitness assistant. All data will be recorded and saved to analyze your progress.

Rate the results

At the end of each training session, indicate the level of fatigue and the level of exercise - subsequent sessions will be adapted based on your well-being. Update your records and analyze statistics in a single dashboard

Install application TrainWith.Pro, for train on this programm

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