Fitness clubs capabilities with TrainWith.Pro

  • Current clients involvement
  • Attracting new business and clients
  • Club’s competitiveness improvement
  • Keeping distant communication with clients
  • Collecting clients data and results in a standardized manner
  • Integration with a club CRM and ERP system
  • Running internal fitness marathons
  • Extra services cross-selling

How club uses platform


Step one
  • Client finds club offer and buys an abonnement
  • Personal program and trainings with the coach are included into the package
  • Or clubs upsells to its current customers


Step two
  • Clients install branded
    “Personal fitness assistant” app
  • They do trainings in gym
    measurements, watch educational videos
  • They also meet with other club members
    chat with the group, and their coach


Step three
  • Trainers corrects his or her client programs based
    on performance and feedback
  • Clubs supervisors see progress of all clients and their trainers
    making individual assessments
  • Club makes individual offers to clients bases on their
    results and motivation
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TrainWith.Pro is:

A unified platform expanding your club
potential and competitiveness

See functionality

TrainWith.Pro functionality for fitness clubs

  • Training plans creation
  • Clients data base management
  • Day to day communication with clients
  • E-mails and announcements automation
  • Training plans marketing and selling
  • Designing and running group fitness marathons
  • Additional services cross-selling
  • Web payments acquiring

Subscription Plans


  • Club branding
  • Up to 500 clients
  • Additional services
  • Groups
$89per month Choose plan


  • Access to corporate program
  • Up to 2000 clients
  • Marathons
  • Marketing mentorship
$149per month Choose plan


  • Unlimited paid plans
  • Unlimited clients
  • Analytic consulting
  • Extra marketing positions
$289per month Choose plan

Application integrations

TrainWith.Pro provides user with an ability to connect external devices and applications that allow them to better monitor health!

Apple Health

The Apple Health app helps you keep track of your well-being and achieve your goals. It combines data from the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Google Fit

Google Fit distinguishes walking, running and cycling, measures the distance covered, the number of steps, calories burned and even gives recommendations based on your achievements.


Strive for sporting results or just want to stay in good shape? The ASICS Runkeeper ™ application will help you achieve any goals.


Easily connect your MyFitnessPal account to apps that support your healthy lifestyle. This is not about calories. This is about how to feel better, look better and live better.


Millions of runners, cyclists and simply active people use Strava to record their training data, monitor progress, communicate with like-minded people, and also share photos, stories and the best moments of their sports adventures with friends.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Mi Band supports six sport modes and is capable of tracking data even while swimming with clever stroke recognition in real time.

To personal trainers

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To companies

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decrease their stress level and days off due to illness.

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