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TrainWith.Pro capabilities for trainers

  • Build your personal brand

    Combining platform functionality with social networks power create your own brand
  • Attracting new clients

    Thousands of users are on the platform daily. Convert them into your own clients
  • Freedom of travel and living

    Create new paid training programs and manage your personal clients at any place on Earth
  • Additional sources of revenue

    Experiment with new fitness products, create new services and sell it on the platform

How trainer uses platform


Step one
  • Clients find trainer offers and purchase them
  • or make an enquiry for the personal coaching
  • or trainer brings his/her current clients on the platform


Step two
  • Clients install branded “Personal fitness assistant” app
  • They do trainings in gym, measurements, watch educational videos
  • They also meet with other club members, chat with the group, and coach


Step three
  • Trainer corrects client programs based on performance and feedback
  • They see all clients progress of and make individual assessments
  • Client finishes the program, sees results and extends trainings
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TrainWith.Pro is:

A unified platform expanding your training potential and competitiveness


Subscription Plans


  • Up to 10 paid plans
  • Up to 10 clients
  • Additional services
  • Groups
$16per month Choose plan


  • Up to 30 paid plans
  • Up to 50 clients
  • + Marathons
  • + Direct consulting
$32per month Choose plan


  • Unlimited paid plans
  • Up to 300 clients
  • + Access to corporate program
  • + Extra marketing
$54per month Choose plan

TrainWith.Pro functionality for individual trainers

  • Training plans creation
  • Clients database management
  • Day to day communication with clients
  • E-mails and announcements automation
  • Training plans marketing and selling
  • Designing and running group fitness marathons
  • Additional services cross-selling
  • Receive web payments

To companies

We help you to improve your employees health and energy
decrease their stress level and days off due to illness.

To clubs / studios

Service helps clubs to increase average income per customer
business profitability and overall sales of additional products.
Build up your prospective clients base!

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